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Practice Coordinator

Amanda, the Practice Coordinator at Restore Dental, has been instrumental to our team since the office’s inception in September of 2019, alongside Dr. Johnna. Not only is she a dedicated professional committed to ensuring the highest standard of patient experience, but she also plays a vital role as a mother to her two wonderful children and a loving wife in her personal life. In addition to these roles, another fascinating aspect of Amanda’s persona is her expertise in horticulture. She is a veritable ‘plant guru’, with a deep knowledge and understanding of diverse plant life. This multifaceted individual brings a unique perspective and energy to our practice, contributing to Restore Dental’s warm and welcoming environment.

Amanda’s positive attitude and infectious energy make her an invaluable asset to our team. She brings a sense of joy and enthusiasm to her work, which helps create a positive and uplifting atmosphere for patients. Her warm and caring nature also makes her an exceptional listener, allowing her to connect with patients on a personal level and provide individualized care.

Amanda has been happily married since 2015 and is mom to two amazing humans, 2 rescue cats and 1 rescue dog named Poppy.




Aubrey joined the Restore Dental team as a Patient Coordinator in July 2021. Demonstrating a knack for patient care and organizational skills, she transitioned to an Assistant role within the clinic in July 2023, where her responsibilities expanded to include direct patient support and lab coordination.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Aubrey values her roots and cherishes time spent with friends and family. Balancing work and personal life, she is a testament to Restore Dental’s commitment to fostering a team that is as dedicated to their community as they are to their patients.




Jodi became a part of the Restore Dental team in August 2023, taking up the significant role of a patient coordinator. She embarked on this new journey after relocating from a quaint small town in Texas to the bustling metropolis of Kansas City. Aside from her professional life, Jodi cherishes her role as an aunt, adding joy to her family life. In her spare time, she loves discovering the hidden gems of Kansas City and meeting new people, enriching her social circle in her new home city.

Jodi’s passion for patient care and her genuine interest in helping people led her to join the Restore Dental team. As a patient coordinator, she plays a crucial role in ensuring that each patient receives personalized and top-notch dental care.




Meet Katelin, our newest addition to the Restore Dental family! Starting in July 2023, she has brought her passion for oral care into our practice. She believes in not only providing top-notch dental services but also in educating her patients about the importance of good oral health.

Katelin is not new to the dental field. In fact, she has been passionately involved in it since 2014. Her rich experience coupled with her dedication allows her to deliver exceptional patient care. Over the years, she has honed her skills and expanded her knowledge, ensuring that each patient receives personalized and comprehensive oral health care. Trust in Katelin’s expertise and look forward to a journey towards healthier, brighter smiles at Restore Dental.

Outside of her professional life, Katelin is preparing for an exciting personal milestone – a wedding in June of 2024. Raised in Scott City, Kansas, she is a caring daughter and deeply values her roots. Katelin loves to shower affection on her adorable rescue dog, Schmidty. This love for animals speaks volumes about Katelin’s kind and caring nature – a trait that extends to her approach in dental care as well.

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