Custom Dentures

Traditional dentures

1. Dentures are removable appliances that are made of acrylic and fit over the gums to help restore your smile if you have lost all of your teeth.
2. Dentures are custom made in a dental laboratory after a series of appointments with your dentist.
3. The bone that supports your teeth is only stimulated if there are teeth present. So in situations where teeth are not present, the body will resorb the bone and it “shrinks”. This can make your dentures feel “loose” over a period of time. To accommodate for this, a reline can be performed to custom fit your denture back to a stable condition.
4. People with dentures should still visit the dentist once per year to check for any issues with the dentures, as well as perform an oral cancer screening.
5. Dentures should be brushed daily and taken out while sleeping.

Implant retained & Supported dentures

1. A common complaint from people who have dentures is that they feel like their dentures move or float around, making them less confident when speaking or chewing food. At Restore Dental, we believe that everyone should feel confident. Placing implants helps to restore confidence when wearing dentures. Implants act like tiny anchors that help to keep the denture stable. There is even an option to have an appliance made that is permanent, so that you won’t have to worry about taking the dentures in and out.
2. How does it work? With the placement of 2-4 implants in the lower jaw and 4 implants in the upper jaw, you would have the ability to “snap” your denture in and out. Restore Dental will refer you to a trusted surgeon to have the implants placed, and after a healing period around 3 months, we will begin the process of making your dentures. Rest assured that you will have a temporary set of dentures to wear during the healing and fabrication process.
3. Your new implant retained denture will be more stable than the traditional denture, allowing you to eat many foods that you could not eat before.
4. Having an upper jaw implant supported denture will allow you to have better taste because the roof of your mouth will not be covered by acrylic/plastic.
5. The dentures and implants still need to be professionally cleaned since implants are susceptible to inflammation and infection of the supporting structures, just like natural teeth. At Restore Dental, we recommend a 3 month professional implant and denture cleaning and check-up to ensure your health and protect your investment.
6. If you’ve been told in the past that implants are not an option for you, Restore Dental would love to give you a second opinion as well as review your options so that you can make the best decision for you!

Traditional dentures

1. A partial denture replaces multiple missing teeth while anchoring to the remaining teeth. Just like dentures, partial dentures come in and out and are therefore a removable alternative to a bridge
2. Your dentist at Restore Dental will discuss all of your treatment options to help you choose the best option for you to replace missing teeth and restore your confident smile!

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