Dental implants

1. When you are missing one or multiple teeth, your best option to replace them are with dental implants. Dental implants have the best success over time of any tooth replacement, with studies showing a 95% success rate over 30 years!
2. An implant is a post that is made out of titanium and acts like the “root” of a tooth, anchoring it into your jawbone replacing a missing tooth.
3. Your dentist at Restore Dental will refer you to a skilled surgeon for the placement of the implant.
4. Dental implants have many advantages. Because the implant fuses to your jawbone, it provides stability for single crowns, as an abutment for a bridge, as well as to stabilize dentures.
5. It is important to understand that dental implants are subjected to the same bacteria that causes gingivitis and periodontal disease, therefore it is critical to maintain regular professional care in order to protect your investment.
6.Your dentist at Restore Dental, will evaluate you to see if you are a candidate for dental implants. Don’t spend another day with missing teeth! Book your appointment now!

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