Dental fillings

Dental cavities are not the only reason that you might need a filling

Other reasons can be for teeth that are broken or cracked. If you have worn teeth from opening things with your teeth, grinding your teeth or biting your nails, a filling can help to restore your smile. At Restore Dental, your dentist will first clean the tooth and remove any damaged areas followed by placing a tooth colored filling made of plastic resin.
There are different types of materials that can be used to restore your tooth or teeth back to their original shape. Because the type of material used is not a one size fits all, you and your dentist at Restore Dental will decide together which is the best one for you.

Common question we get asked:

Why do I need a filling over a crown or visa versa?
Typically, if less than half of your tooth has been lost due to damage or decay, we recommend a filling. Although there are other factors that go into deciding which treatment option is best for you, this is a general rule of thumb.

My dentist told me that I need to replace my tooth colored filling. Why?

Because the tooth colored filling is made out of a plastic resin, its natural property is to shrink over time. It is also subjected to normal wear and tear of chewing and grinding, therefore it can be weakened or break down over time. Tooth colored fillings typically last around 7 years. Here’s the why: food and bacteria can
leak down between where your filling and tooth and reek havoc. Because you cannot clean below the filling, no matter how great of a brusher you are, the bacteria feed off of the food that you eat producing acid that eats away at the inside of your tooth – I know, gross, right?! This can happen quickly, so it is important to maintain your recommended professional check-ups and cleanings.

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