Brushing & flossing

Do I really need to brush and floss my teeth? The short answer is, yes! Think of it like washing your hands. Decreasing the bad germs and bugs is good for your health.

How long should I brush for and how often?

2 minutes X 2 times per day. Restore Dental recommends that you brush to your favorite song. Most songs are around 2 minutes and it makes it more fun! The most important time to brush is before you go to sleep. Why, you ask? We don’t make as much saliva when we sleep and saliva protects our teeth. So, we need to make sure our teeth are super clean since they aren’t being protected as well when we are sleeping.

How often do I really need to floss?

1 time a day is best. Again, just like brushing, flossing before bedtime is best. At Restore Dental, we understand that you are busy and may forget to floss now and then. Don’t fret! It’s never too late to pick the flossing habit back up. At Restore Dental, we will never “floss shame” you.

Can I use a waterpik instead of flossing?

Waterpiks are great addition to your regular brushing and flossing routine. Unfortunately, using a Waterpik doesn’t replace flossing, but it is better than nothing!

Can I use a floss pick or hand-held flosser instead?

Absolutely! Strangling your fingers with a long piece of floss can be painful and difficult, especially if you have large hands. Using hand held flossers are a great alternative to the old-school regular floss. The catch? Floss in between two teeth and then rinse it off, floss, repeat.

Is an electric toothbrush really better than a regular one?

Electric toothbrushes are more effective than we can be with a regular toothbrush, as long as you use it for 2 minutes. Any electric toothbrush that is rechargeable is great; so don’t break the bank buying a super expensive one.

How long will my toothbrush last?

Typically, toothbrushes last around 3 months. However, if you get sick, it is best to get a new toothbrush in order to keep from getting sick again.

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