Bad breath

1. We’ve all been there…. Wondering if our breath smells and if other people can smell it too?
2. Bad breath is also known as halitosis. Typically, it is caused by poor oral hygiene habits or by the foods we eat and yummy drinks we drink. One of the biggest culprits in our mouth is our tongue. We have always been told to brush our teeth, but no one said to brush your tongue… But your tongue is a harbor for thousands of bacteria and it must be brushed. So, after that tasty coffee, brush your teeth and your tongue to freshen up your breath.
3. Morning breath… yep we can all relate. Have you ever wondered why this happens? That smell is caused by bacteria in your mouth. When you sleep you do not make as much saliva and therefore the bacteria become super concentrated. To top it off, some of us mouth breath at night, causing dry mouth making the bacteria even more concentrated. So what can you do? Drink plenty of water throughout the day and before bedtime – stay hydrated! If you are a mouth breather at night, having a humidifier next to your bed can help too.
4. Dry mouth can be a cause of bad breath. Most medications have a side effect of dry mouth. When you need to take multiple medications that have this side effect, it is compounding. So, what can you do? Drink plenty of water – stay hydrated! Use a glycerin-based mouth rinse such as Biotene to help lubricate your mouth. You can also chew sugar-free gum to help stimulate your body to produce more saliva.
5. Now, your bad breath could be stemming from periodontal disease. That’s right… those with untreated periodontal disease have tons of bad bacteria in their mouth causing all kinds of havoc, including bad breath. How do you fix this? Having the appropriate periodontal therapy will help to decrease the number of bad bacteria lurking in your mouth.

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